We offer a wide range of solutions

Our clients have a wide range of service requirements, but they all require the same, basic service delivery of taking ownership and delivering on expectations. We designed our service model to cater for complex, fully outsourced solutions, ad hoc general or commoditised transport requirements and for more involved project type work. The industry and operational experience gained allows us to handle our clients’ requirements. We rely on our freight management system to facilitate and streamlining the process for our clients and managed partners alike.

End-to-End Solutions

We assist our clients to build an optimised solution for their network within the SADC region, taking full ownership of the implementation and management of the requirements for warehousing, cross-dock or despatch, transportation, import or export compliance, all integrated through a planning platform.

Point Solutions

We offer point solutions where clients require reliable and cost-effective transportation for their cross-border logistics.

Project Management

Whether large scale or once off projects to be implemented, ensuring the effective movement of abnormal loads, once-off complex projects or ad-hoc projects, our qualified operational staff ensures the successful implementation and completion of the project.

Capabilities as a Transport Service Provider

Regional Reach

Our footprint into SADC provides for a one-stop solution.

Fleet Configuration

We have access to a large fleet of variable configuration requirements (i.e. flat decks, tautliners, side tippers, refrigerated vehicles, low beds, etc.)

Proven Track Record

Ability and a proven track record to provide the required service levels, reliability and clearing protocols.


Commitment to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ).

Bonded Carried Requirements

When required we have access to and ability to scale in providing capacity of Bonded Carrier fleet.

HazChem Certification

Our managed partner network allows for sufficient capacity when it comes to HazChem Certification requirements.

Full Adherence

We fully adhere to industry and country legislation.

Insurance & Track Record

Effective management of Goods-in-Transit insurance and notable track record in claims history.

Quality and Discipline

Administration quality and discipline in executing the process.

Clients benefit from our cloud based Freight Management System, loadpad® having full control of the execution of every load, with comprehensive reporting and analytics capability, allowing for real-time decision making, accurately manage procurement spend, customer service, risk and claims management, overall service performance and effective forward planning to align cost and capacity.

Our Capacity Configuration

Fleet Capacity

A combination of Group Assets, Strategic Supplier Assets and Ad Hoc Market Capacity allows us to provide our service. The deployment of our managed partners fleet depends on client requirements and seasonal demand variability.

Warehouse Capacity

Allowing for the optimised service delivery of a client’s outsourced logistics requirements to service their customers. The positioning of capacity during certain periods of demand requires the flexibility to utilise local transport capacity via a cross-dock facility to ensure service delivery, or short-term warehousing to support our client’s network. Where required, long-term warehousing is provided.

Customs Clearing

We partner with clearing specialists across the SADC region to allow our fleet to clear borders effectively, support our fleet and drivers to ensure full compliance of every load executed in our network.